Attack Of The Killer Tomato Festival [Part Deux]

people everywhere at the 2010 Attack of the Killer Tomato festival

The second iteration of the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival came, a lot of people saw it, and it definitely conquered.  To explain: yesterday droves of people packed in over at the Westside Urban Market in order to enjoy a food festival celebrating all things tomato.

the spazmatics at the killer tomato festival

Food fans of every inclination showed up, and it was absolutely a blast.  While The Spazmatics freaked out on stage, we all beat the heat by sampling, amongst other things, some Tom Cat Collins’ (Courtesy of Andy Minchow/H+F) and some amazing grilled cheese “keasters” (from Gerry Klaskala of Aria).

Sponsored by Georgia Organics (an organization you should definitely JOIN), all sorts of famous people were spotted milling around.  While we wait for the guys with good cameras to get their posts up, you can get a little look at what all went down!

chris hastings in action
chris hastings tomato salad with fried okra, field peas, and BACON!!! chris' sign

Birmingham’s Chris Hastings (owner of Hot & Hot Fish Club) put together a Hot & Hot Tomato Salad with fresh corn, field peas, fried okra, applewood smoked bacon & chive aioli.  If your looking for a new cookbook … might I suggest you grab a copy!

cara laudino's award winning electric boogaloo

A little Electric Boogaloo from Miller Union’s Cara Laudino.  That drink took home the people’s choice for the best beverage.  Meanwhile, MU’s Steven Satterfield put together some tomato aspic.

bun's on parade at the 2010 Killer Tomato Festival

super pan's steamed coconut bun blt

Hector Santiago’s Super Pan team lined ‘em up and knocked them down with some steamed coconut bun BLT’s.  If you haven’t heard about this new sandwich shop, check out what you’re missing, it’s Atlanta’s next “it” restaurant.

eddie hernandez' tomato cruda with crema and caviar

TDS’ Eddie Hernandez whipped up some tomato cruda in a habañero vinaigrette with southwestern crema and caviar.

gerry klaskala's grilled cheese keaster with roof top dried tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, & chipotle dipping sauce

Gerry Klaskala’s grilled cheese keaster with roof top dried tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, and chipotle dipping sauce.  It won the King of Taste Award … mostly because it ruled … but also because people like Kate Krader know their shizzzz! You’re following her right?

chef keira moritz at the killer tomato festival

My afternoon ended with some fruit sorbets and ice creams courtesy of one Keira Moritz.  In fact, it ended about four times with all the cones I gnawed on.  I wasn’t alone, Moritz took home the People’s Choice Award for best chef.  She rules … don’t believe me?  Check out her Inside The Chef’s Kitchen interview.

On the way out the door, they handed out all the aforementioned awards and a few more.  H+F’s HS Musical Meets SCI Fair project won for best booth.  Brian Morin and Ford Fry won for creativity.  Paul Calvert’s La Mancha was recognized as the best cocktail.  Brian Stanger from Abattoir was the most original (his Mason Dixon Sangrita is on the menu at Abattoir).  Miles Macquerrie from Leon’s Full service had the best presentation.  Most of those are pictured in the flickr album linked just below this text.

I guess now is as good a time as any to remind you of some twitter wisdom: “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not trying to put it in a fruit salad.”

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