The Great Food Truck Race Coming To A TV Near You [RoamingATL]

The Food Network has enlisted celebrity chef Tyler Florence to help bring food truck culture to reality TV.  On Sunday August 15th, the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race premiers at 10PM EST.  Sadly, no members of Atlanta’s burgeoning community will be on the show.  However, a number of notable street slinging foodies are featured.  The complete list … after the jump!

Austin Daily Press; Austin, TX / websitetwitter
A grilled sandwich truck run by Cory Nunez and Amy Hildenbrand.

Crepes Bonaparte; Orange County, CA / websitetwitter
While the concept of crêpes is distinctly high falutin’, Christian Murcia’s French outfitted staff dish out crêpes by the boat loads to anyone and everyone.

Grill ‘Em All; Los Angeles, CA / websitetwitter
Heavy metal meets burgers from Ryan Harkins and Matt Chernus … I’m listening!!!!

Nana Queens; Culver City, CA / websitetwitter
Started by Janel Prator, they offer the interesting types of pudding with Buffalo Wings.  Now that’s a new one!

Nom Nom Truck; Los Angeles, CA  / websitetwitter
One of the heavy hitters of the food truck world, Nom Nom was started by Misa Chien and Jennifer Green.  They fuse things like Vietnamese sandwiches and tacos and they have one hell of a product.

Ragin’ Cajun; Hermosa Beach, CA
Stephen Domingue resurrected his failed restaurant into one of the most popular Cajun eateries in SoCal.  The catch? It’s all on wheels!

Spencer On The Go; San Francisco, CA / websitetwitter
Laurent Katgely, owner of Chez Spencer in San Fran, serves up low cost French delights that are authentic and tasty.

A little “jumping of the shark”? Perhaps … but I’m a foodie and therefore, I’m hooked!  While you can catch all the shows updates via their Food Network homepage, we’ve made it easy to follow all the action via The Great Food Truck Race twitter list.  While you’re there, be sure to follow us on twitter via @RoamingATL for all the street food news you can swallow!

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