Atlanta Gets Two 2012 Food & Wine Nominees [Breaking News]


Early this morning, I got one of those unsolicited communiqués that seems to come at me all the freaking time.  With a hush and a whisper, I was told that two Atlanta chefs are about to be nominated for Food & Wine Magazine’s 2012 Best New Chef Southeast award.

Every year, F&W tries to identify our country’s best new chefs.  They divide the nominations up by region and scour the country for the best and brightest.  The list of criteria is not long, but it is stringent.  To even be considered for the award you have to do all of the following:

The nominee must create menus and oversee the day-to-day operation of the kitchen. He or she must have held the top chef position at one or more restaurants for no more than a total of five years. The restaurant does not need to be new, and the chef’s age is not a consideration.

So you want to know who made it from Atlanta?  Keep on reading …

One of them is Steven Satterfield of Miller Union.  The other is Miso Izakaya’s Guy Wong.  Now excuse me while I return to my fortress of protection as I catch tomatoes from all sorts of directions.

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