The Atlantic On Atlanta [Food Guides]


The Atlantic is a well established website/magazine that covers a variety of mainstream media topics.  Earlier today, they published an article by Corby Kummer entitled A Food Lover’s Guide To Atlanta.  Instigated by a reader question, Kummer invoked the assistance of Kim Severson, a newly transplanted employee of the New York Times, and Christiane Lauterbach, the Grande Dame of Atlanta’s culinary industry.

There is a brief discussion of Scott Peacock’s departure from Decatur’s Watershed; however, Severson ultimately advises on Cakes & Ale and the much lauded Miller Union on the Westside.  Soon after, Lauterbach chimes in. She suggests Empire State South and new pastry chef Cynthia Wong as well as Restaurant Eugene.  Lauterbach is a staunch supporter of Atlanta’s street food, so there’s a mention of that as well.  Finally, Lauterbach points out the newly opened No. 246 and LeRoy’s Fried Chicken.  Though Lauterbach doesn’t advise on the quality of the food at the last two (they just opened after all), I will say that LFC should be avoided like the plague.

[via TheAtlantic]

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