A Little Bit On Anonymity In Food [Part 1]

The debate between those who wish to remain anonymous (like me) and those hell bent on exposing us rages on.  Seemingly everyday, more and more anonymous journalists, critics, and bloggers are being ousted from their … Read more →

Top Chef DC: Restaurant Wars – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

“Restaurant Wars” is almost always the most popular episode during any given season of Top Chef.  Though the bar has been set remarkably low throughout Top Chef DC, I’m pretty sure that last night’s episode … Read more →

CNN Discusses The Difficulty Of Anonymity For Restaurant Critics

It should be no surprise that this article caught my eye.  Yesterday, CNN posted an article that discusses restaurant critics and their desire to remain anonymous.  Though I’m a blogger, not a critic, I found … Read more →

Sam Sifton Starts His New York Times Tenure With DBGB

Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen and Bar just received a noteworthy 2-star review [very good] in the NY Times.  The review marks Sam Sifton’s debut as the food critic for the NY mega-paper, a post … Read more →

Breaking News: New York Times Critic Frank Bruni Leaves Food Beat And Newspaper Folk Can’t Spell

My RSS feed just blew the hell up!  Well actually … it blew up around 1:30, but I’m just now getting around to this.  I got this email from my friend at the NYT, but … Read more →

Atlanta’s Next Big Foodie Topic: Joël Antunes Gets The Boot

Here’s something that will spread like wildfire amongst us local Atlanta bloggers: The Oak Room in New York finally had enough with the bad reviews (he’ah and he’ah).  While Frank Bruni may not deliver the … Read more →

Bruni Visits The Oak Room, Leaves With Mixed Results.

NYT review guru Frank Bruni recently stopped in for a visit (or two) with Joël Antunès at the Oak Room at the Plaza.  Atlanta denizens called foul when Antunès departed his namesake, Joël, for the … Read more →

Kessler and Varasano Dine at LaBella Pizzeria

John Kessler, the AJC’s version of Frank Bruni, recently visited LaBella Pizzeria (via Yelp).  What made this trip interesting is that his guests were Jeff Varasano and Heather Stoakley, of the much anticipated Varasano’s Pizzeria.  … Read more →