Miso Izakaya In Inman Park Opens With A Puff

I have made a handful of brief posts about Miso Izakaya in the past.  Well, the restaurant opened last night; but, I was unable score myself a dinner buddy.  Normally, I’d go at it alone … but for Izakaya, I wanted some help.  Tonight, that came in the form of Laura! She was the highlight of the evening (though she would have been regardless of the food!).

Anyone else notice how I just spent the intro talking about things other than the restaurant itself?  Well, we showed up tonight only to be informed that the Izakaya options were not available.  Apparently, the shipment from Japan is all blah blah blah…  To Guy Wong’s credit, he chose not to serve a dish that he could not deliver properly.  However, I’m a bit disappointed that they did not try and offer up some substitute.

Regardless, we stayed and dined on a mix of sushi and maki rolls.  The results were “okay.”  Nothing really stood out and it tasted like any other common sushi joint to me.  I wouldn’t say it was atrocious; but, it was far from notable.

In what is surely an attempt to make up for the menu issues, they are offering every patron a complimentary glass of wine or beer.  No, nothing high-end, but the chardonnay was manageable.  According to the hostess, the full menu will be available on Thursday at the earliest and Friday at the latest.

How this prevented them from serving the Izakaya dishes but not the sushi is befuddling.  All in all, a mixed bag for a first try, but far short of my initial experience at Serpas.  I can’t be too upset about the Izakaya as we were informed about it as we walked in the door.  I’ll be back this weekend or sometime next week.  At that point, I’ll produce a decent First Impressions post.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest you hold off until that time as well.

Address: 619 Edgewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30312 // Website

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