Star Chefs Currently Scouring Atlanta [Spoilers]

I hope I’m not alone when I say that I couldn’t care less to hear where “Famous Movie Star XYZ” or “Who the hell is that person and why do I care who they are … Read more →

Miso Izakaya: Laurels Be Damned, Changes On The Horizon

Miso Izakaya and chef/owner Guy Wong have become critical darlings.  The end result is that this Old 4th Ward Japanese restaurant (and chef) has won and been nominated for a slew of awards across the foodiesphere.  … Read more →

Watermelon Juice [Drink This Now]

Alcohol optional in this bad boy.  Freshly squeezed watermelon juice comes courtesy of Guy Wong’s Miso Izakaya.  And while I have your attention, check out this article on The Kitchn about watermelon cocktails. Miso Izakaya … Read more →

Miso Izakaya In Inman Park Opens With A Puff

I have made a handful of brief posts about Miso Izakaya in the past.  Well, the restaurant opened last night; but, I was unable score myself a dinner buddy.  Normally, I’d go at it alone … Read more →

Miso Izakaya – Inman Park Atlanta, GA: Opening Date Confirmed

While reports are that Miso Izakaya is scheduled to open within the next week, I have received different information.  According to their media contacts, the opening date for Miso Izakaya is Monday, February 2nd.  Guess … Read more →