Miso Izakaya – Inman Park Atlanta, GA: Opening Date Confirmed

While reports are that Miso Izakaya is scheduled to open within the next week, I have received different information.  According to their media contacts, the opening date for Miso Izakaya is Monday, February 2nd.  Guess I’ll have to move them from the January Dirty List to the February list.

Izakaya, which loosely means "a place to eat and drink," offers up a Japanese alternative to the Gastro Pub.  Led by chef Guy Wong, the menu includes Yakitori options as well as items from a robata grille (JOY!!!).  A robata is a charcoal grill that lends itself to family style eating.

Miso Izakaya is on Edgewood near Inman Park.  You can count me in as one of the early customers.  I will report back after I’ve had a chance to sample the food.  While you wet your palate in anticipation, enjoy these photos.

Address:  619 Edgewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30312 // Website

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