In These Budget Conscious Times, Eat For $15 A Week

Here’s an interesting article from a dedicated budget cruncher.  GetRichSlowly has posted an article on How to Feed Yourself for $15 a Week.  It’s a bit extreme, but interesting nonetheless.  I try to feed myself for $20/day (sans the occasional trip to a new restaurant), and I seem to do pretty good with that. However, I love point #7:

Avoid pre-cooked foods. Frozen dinners, deli-made quiche, store-roasted chicken — all of these cost too much per serving. If I wanted quiche, I had to make it from scratch. The ingredients were in my budget and on my shelves. If I wanted chicken, I waited until it was on sale for $0.39/lb and roasted it myself. I then ate it for 6-8 meals before chucking the bones into a pot to make chicken soup and having that for another 6-8 meals.

[Via Slashfood]

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