David Adjey’s Restaurant 101 Casting In Atlanta, GA

Food reality shows are all the rage these days.  Hot on the heels of the upcoming Top Chef auditions (internal), chef David Adjey is bringing his Canadian born TV show stateside.  Dubbed Restaurant Makeover in the land of Eh,  the show will be named Restaurant 101 down here.  I have a good friend north of the border; he confirmed that the show is indeed a close cousin to Kitchen Nightmares.  While there is no hard date, details are available after the jump.

Are you opening your very first restaurant but you lack any real restaurant experience? Would you welcome the advice of a restaurant consultant?

If this is you, we want you to be featured in an episode of a new exciting TV series for a major food network called Restaurant 101.

In every episode of this captivating and very real one-hour series, restaurant coach David Adjey provides first-time restaurant owners with the tools to open and run a successful business.

We are looking for compelling characters with good personal stories and high stakes. Must be opening a restaurant within the next couple months. Must also be willing to share every aspect of your business with David on camera– your business plan, your budget, your menu, etc…

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