Returns…Sort Of has had a handful of problems with the aforementioned upgrade to their website.  For a few days, the new layout was up and running; but, the forums were down.  Now, the old layout is back up; but, the new forums are live and fully functional.  I did have to request a password reset to get in.  After that – I was in without a problem.  I regret that I did not grab a screenshot of the new digs.  I just did not think they would go away.  In any event, a message on the homepage currently reads:

The main part of this website is currently being moved from a different server. We’ve been forced to switch servers due to issues out of our control. The new AC site will be up and running soon but we wanted to launch the new and improved forums, which will be up very shortly.

In my world, a few minutes of downtime is a death knoll; this has gone on for a few days.  However, site owner Tom Maicon is admittedly not a techie and AC is not a web services organization.  I hope the foodie community cuts AC some slack; after all, the most important content (all those forum posts) have been ported to the new site.  That’s no small feat!

They do a good job over there and I what develops as they get comfortable with their new software package.

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