Shared Kitchens In Suwanee, GA Looks Like A Winner

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon  In the spirit of ecological friendliness, I think the idea of a communal kitchen is both practical and cool.  I sent the Julie Farr, the owner, an email.  She responded with some details and was extremely friendly.

The response was certainly post worthy; however, it quickly got buried deep down on my milk list until a post on /food reminded me.  /food ran a bit on communal kitchen rentals for food entrepreneurs.

The basic idea here is that Shared Kitchens provides people with the opportunity to rent time in a professional quality kitchen.  This would be ideal for caterers, personal chefs, and event planners.  In addition, individuals looking to spread their wings will also find this appealing.  Prices are reasonable, and I look forward to jetting out there one day to get a lay of the land for everyone.

Here are some thoughts from Julie (Feb. 13):

At this point, we are fully operational for clients whose product is regulated by the Department of Agriculture.  That basically includes all bakers and producers except caterers.  We are aggressively fighting the battle with the Department of Health to get the approval to bring caterers into the “Shared Kitchens Family”! … We are very excited about the opportunity we offer food entrepreneurs to launch or grow their businesses without crippling capitalization and overhead costs. 

I do plan to add more features to the website in the future.  At this point, though, I am just focused on helping our new clients get settled in and through the licensing procedure, as well as trying to get the Health Department on board with our concept.

I’m really glad to see her focused on her core business at this point.  Times are tough and entrepreneurs, especially ones as adventurous as Julie, deserve a round of applause for their guts!

Shared Kitchens
3635 Burnette Park Drive Suite 300, Suwanee, GA 30024 // P: 770.945.9494 // Shared Kitchens Website

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