The Leaning Tower Of Pancakes: 30 Inches Of Awesomeness

So as Pancake Day has come and gone, I wanted to jump in with one last quick tidbit about the day.  Chefs Sean McGinlay and Natalie King of Glasgow’s Hilton Grosvenor hotel have laid claim to the record for the tallest pancake skyscraper

I’m not sure if they are going to get the recognition from the Guiness Book of World Records, and I’m not sure it really matters!  This thing is just freakin’ sweet!  Apparently, the batch of flapjacks used 100 eggs, more than 17 pints of milk, 11lbs of flour and 6.6lbs of butter.  22-hours and 672 pancakes later, McGinlay had himself a 29.5 inch stack.  According to Guinness World Records, the current official record stands at 29.1in.

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