Foodie Buddha Supplants Dirty South Wine In Loser-Town

Today I find myself burdened by guilt, embarrassment, and pain!  I was going to let this go … not mention it … hide it away … let it slip into the annals of history without so much as a puff.  But I have sinned like never before and I cannot keep this bottled up any longer!

Oh yeah … before I go any farther … Dirty found himself on his way to loser-town (his words…not mine) after this mishap.  Not only have I zoomed past him on my way… I ran him off the road in the process.

Last week, one of my chef buddies and I headed up to Patak.  I returned home with a profuse abundance of goodies.  Included in my haul were sausages, bacon, ground chuck, ground pork, liverwurst, sour cream, dumplings, kielbasa, and more!! [A lot more actually].  So after vacuum packing all my stuff at Susan’s house, I returned home with my treasure chest.

Time to clean out the freezer … I needed the precious space!

Old bread – gone!  Ice packs that I don’t have a use for any more – melted!  Four bottles of vodka … back in there!  Old taters… punted off my back deck (not really)! That Executive Assortment of Allen Brothers steaks … going, going, wait! What? Where’d that come … Mother Fudgin, Cheese Ballin, Son of a Motherless Goat!

Yes ladies and gents, stashed away on the bottom shelf of my very small freezer was a very large box full of steaks!  How long were they in there?  At least 18-months.  Why were the in there in the first place? You have a better chance of figuring out who shot JFK before you figure that one out.

Dirty found redemption … I found myself out $150+shipping in kick ass steaks (but not my favorite)! Serves me right for sticking them in the freezer.

Okay, now you know my shame … I have nothing left to hide!

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