Foursquare: Dining Out + Social Web + Xbox 360 Achievements = Awesome iPhone App!

Do I have an iPhone? Absolutely not.  Will I ever get one? I seriously doubt it.  Is that something Im proud of? Damn skippy!  That said, foursquare (iTunes page) is a kick ass app that ALMOST makes me want to rethink my stance.

What exactly is foursquare? Its a location aware social media tool that allows you to update your location, send shouts to your friends, track your ‘achievements,’ and keep a to-do list that is shared with your friends. You can also add additional information about your favorite food or beer to your favorite hangouts.

Ive watched a couple of demos of this thing and I gotta say it looks like a winner.  I, like the gang over at Read Write Web, think the real kicker to this whole thing is the achievement system.  Think of it like the Xbox 360 Achievement system for your night life!  Though Atlanta is not yet available, I am glad to see that they have a mobile version so those of us using dated technology (Treo 755p cough cough) can still play.

For those of you who live here in Atlanta, be patient Im sure theyll get to us soon.  For now, the city selection is limited to Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, & Washington DC.

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