Helps Keep Your Food Fresh. Tells You How Long Food Lasts

Well isn’t this just great! Just the other day, I was talking with a friend about how long various types of food lasts. Today, I hear about  The site helps visitors to determine how long to keep particular types of food, provides storage tips, and does so through a very usable UI (user interface to all the non-techies here).  However, not all is well in StillTasty Land.

Two big complaints so far (and neither are related to the content): 1) They stupidly try to disable the right click functionality.  That’s a big FAIL for an otherwise useful site.  Too bad I just subverted it and used my right click anyway! 2) I contacted them to mention the pitfalls of impeding a users ability to perform basic tasks.  In return, I got a standard auto-response.  Nothing wrong with that, until I read what it said:

Dear StillTasty visitor,

Thank you for your recent email. We value your feedback and appreciate the time you’ve taken to write.

We do read every email we receive. Sometimes, due to the volume of mail, we’re not always able to provide a personal response or answer all questions. However, we will make every effort to incorporate your questions/comments in future site content.

Thank you again for writing and best regards,
The StillTasty team

Sorry, but that’s a big no no.  If Adam Pash and Gina Trapani of can take the time to respond to me personally – so can you.  Though I don’t mind canned responses if they are tailored to my inquiry, when you are an upstart website with little traffic … you better talk to your patrons.

It’s all about the customer (and that goes for you restaurateurs EVERYBODY out there!).

Anywho, here are a few more screen shots for ya’ll.  From left to right: The info page for steak, an article on their “blog” which they call Shelf Talk, and one of their “FAQ” pages.

stilltasty-steak   stilltasty - blog  stilltasty - faq

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