A Note On Comments & Emails

Hola peeps … just thought I’d clear the air on my “policy” with regards to emails and comments.  First, let’s get comments out of the way.

Some of you don’t like me … duly noted.  Feel free to trash me, insult me, toss a barb my way, or say something disparaging about my mother (though she is AWESOME!).  I do “moderate” comments so that spam doesn’t get through.  However, provided that you don’t go off on some racist diatribe, if you say it … I’ll print it.  Just don’t expect me to retort.  Oh yeah, and don’t bully other readers!  You are welcome to pick a fight with me, but not with others (whether they agree with me or not).

As for emails, it’s sort of the same policy.  While I have yet to post any of the more colorful emails sitting in my inbox, I reserve the right to post anything I get.

Okay, until next time!  Happy Eating!

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