Holeman & Finch Celebrates 1-Year In Style: Goes Top 50 … Meanwhile – Soto Goes Neener Neener

Dropped in at Holeman & Finch on Tuesday night.  As luck would have it – they were serving up an anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, there was a special pork belly + coleslaw slider on the menu.  I hate coleslaw, but this sucker was seriously bad ass!  The pork belly was juicy and cooked to perfection.  Meanwhile, the coleslaw – which was mayo based – included freshly cut veggies, a hint of mayonnaise, and the perfect freshness in response to the intensity of that glorified bacon.

Turns out, Atlanta foodies and bloggers aren’t the only ones that love this place.  Travel+Leisure Magazine named H&F one of the best 50 restaurants in the country.  The blurb after the jump

The food at H&F is very reasonable, two people can easily get out of there for under $50 in food cost.  However, their selection of liquors and spirits may be the best in the city.  I have a hard time getting out of there for less than $40 in beverages.  Needless to say… here’s what T+L said:

Somewhat British, a little Mediterranean, soulfully Southern, and wholly awesome, this offal-centric, cocktail-fueled gastropub [SIC] gets you hooked on the pleasures of headcheese, crunchy fried pigs’ ears, and bone-marrow gratin. Dinner for two $65.

Oh yeah, Sotohiro Kosugi keeps on tossing salt in the wound.  It was hard enough to suffer through the departure; now, we have to deal with all this national (and international) attention.  T&L named Soto in NYC a Top 50:

Finding it impossible to score that online reservation at David Chang’s 12-seat Momofuku Ko? Despair not: Seek nirvana behind the Maplewood counter at Soto (where reservations are, blissfully, available). Why this blond, serene spot run by a bona fide Japanese genius isn’t an impossible booking is one of New York’s great mysteries: maybe people simply aren’t ordering right. An ace with sashimi and sushi, Sotohiro Kosugi deserves his place in the world’s gastro-god pantheon for his jewel-like variations on sea urchin. He fries nutty sea-fresh uni blobs into a lacy tempura; dehydrates uni into a mysterious orange dust that highlights butter-smooth slabs of monkfish-liver mousse; and dollops uni into a trompe-l’oeil urchin shell made of squid filaments and shredded seaweed. Each exquisite morsel is a treat of a lifetime. Dinner for two $130.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Rock on Soto!  We miss you!

[From Travel+Leisure via EatDrinkMan Twitter]

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