Livingston Restaurant In The Georgian Terrace – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [Quick Hits]

livinsgton-mims Despite our swelling population, Atlanta is still very much a small town.  Word travels quick, and every foodie and their mother seem to flock to each newly minted restaurant.  While Livingston has already attracted several bloggers, not many of us have chatted it up.

Atlanta is steeped in tradition.  Underneath the new, there is always a reverence for the past.  Livingston seems to capture that in a most dramatic way.  The restaurant is named after Major Livingston Mims (left), the former resident 656 Peachtree.  Mims, who lived in a two-story building, was a a bit of a dynamo.  First a lawyer, then a private in the Confederate army, he went on to sell insurance.  Finally, Mims settled in as ATL’s mayor from 1901 until 1902.

Of particular interest here is that he was a gregarious man with an interest in food.  When once asked why he did not travel more, Mims responded:”I have … my plain wholesome food, which is the best in the world to me.” Supposedly he loved French cuisine, though I am unable to confirm that point.  The aforementioned quote doesn’t jive well with that idea.

But enough of the tomfoolery, you want to know what I thought about the food … well … you’re not gonna get that here.  At least not yet.  Though I sampled executive chef Gary Mennie’s food when he was at Taurus, Livingston is a fresh start.  In true Atlanta fashion, Mennie’s menu is a contemporary twist on Southern food with a nod to several other culinary styles, most notably: French.

I’ve eaten two meals here and want to return once more before pulling together a first impression.  Moreover, Jimmy joined me for one of my romps.  His post on the experience is spot on.  I will confirm what Jimmy said about the tableware and the disastrous choice to serve the sampler in stemless martini glasses.  You can check out my pictures at the bottom of the text.  Without going into detail, I will say the oysters kick ass, the crab salad was refreshing, the tuna tartare was abysmal and bland, and the duck fritter was interesting.  However, it was beyond frustrating to eat out of the glasses, especially considering that they used so much lettuce to elevate the food within the cup.

In the meantime, feel free to make a reservation and enjoy the show:

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656 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30308 // P: 404.898.8316 // Livingston Reservations // Livingston Website // Livingston Menu
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