Papi’s In Midtown Goes Fancy Shmancy

papi's cuban & caribbean grill by you.

Papi’s Cuban Grill in Midtown has gone through a number of changes in recent years.  What was once a tiny little dive joint is now a sprawling, full-service restaurant.

In the past couple of weeks, Papi’s has introduced a full-service option.  It used to be that you ordered from the counter regardless of where you were going to eat [hence the line at the right].  Now, there is no need to stop at the register.  Instead, go ahead and bound down the short set of stairs and find your place at one of the many tables.

So while they aren’t actually “fancy shmancy,” the are now fully equipped to handle all your needs.

Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill Restaurant Address & Info

216 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308 // 404.607.1525 // Papi’s Website // Papi’s Menu

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