Ron Eyester Of Rosebud Loves Him Some Grateful Dead

Ron Eyester, the dude behind Rosebud (formerly Food 101), is a self-admitted deadhead (wiki).  It is therefore no surprise that he decided to have a few people over to his shop for some Jerry love.  To explain, Rosebud recently hosted a Jerry Garcia Tribute Dinner.  The event spanned two nights and included a five course meal.  While most people pair their meals with wine, Eyester paired it with some live covers of Dead songs.  Word on the street is that the chef gathered his balls of steel and hopped on stage to unleash some mean vocals.

While I have yet to visit Rosebud, and I was lukewarm to the experience at Food 101, this looks and sounds like it was a great event.  I’m sure I’ll get over to the Vi-Hi at some point.  In the meantime, check out the video that Eyester posted on Rosebud’s blog.

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