More Details On Entice A – Upcoming Midtown Tapas Restaurant

A couple of days ago I mentioned that a new tapas restaurant is scheduled to open in Midtown.  At the time, I didn’t know much about it.  The sign on the door told us that it was a Caribbean inspired restaurant and lounge.  Now, we have a bit more of the 411 and a sample menu (pdf).

The endeavor is a joint venture between Randee Gilliam, Michelle Rouse, and Tran Nguyen.  While publicly verifiable information on the trio is sparse, here’s what I’ve been told (and it ain’t much).  Rouse is a restaurateur who recently relocated to our beloved Dirty.  Meanwhile, Nguyen is one of those gals around town who seems to be a part of our ever thriving bar scene.  I *think* she has a degree from GSU, but that’s me just scrapping the bottom of my marble bag for that memory.  Truth is, I think I’ve actually shaken her hand … but don’t hold me to that.

As for the nitty gritty, they are hoping to get the place open in early November.  The aforementioned menu is built around Western Caribbean tapas.  I’ve been advised that the sample menu is just that.  Expect at least a few changes before it’s finalized.

Meanwhile, the space is getting a shakedown.  Out with the cookie cutter Asian decor and in with an updated lounge feel.  The Duckett Design Group is the responsible party and they are building in a 34 ft bar with seating for approximately 150 happening hipsters.

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