Grindhouse Killer Burgers Coming To Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Curb Market [Openings]

grindhouse-logoMy goodness are burger joints in Atlanta exploding!  The latest entrant is Grindhouse Killer Burgers, scheduled to open September 8th 14th inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Downtown Atlanta.

A few months ago, as I knocked back a nightcap at Top Flr, I stumbled upon a friendly gentleman and his quest for the most delicious burger.  His name is Alex Brounstein and he’s the owner in question.  A friendly chap, we had a pretty good conversation.  Ever since that night, I’ve been watching the Grindhouse website like a hawk.

In the past few months, a facebook page and a twitter account have sprung up, the website has turned snazzy, and the menu (pdf) plays the role of teaser.

Speaking of which, the menu will remind you of Flip Burger Boutique insomuch as the selection is heavy on the burgers and shakes.  Save for the trio of sides, the solitary salad, and the bowl of chili, the food is exclusively burger-tastic.  However, Grindhouse is going for a more mainstream experience.  You get your choice of protein (angus, turkey, veggie), size (1/3 lb or slider trio), and toppings.  If memory serves me, all the burgers are scheduled to be freshly ground.  While they have a few designed burgers on the menu, you are welcome to customize the hell out of your order.  It looks like most people will get out of there for around $12-15 once you take into account tax, tag, and title.

I’m surprised that they aren’t sourcing their buns locally (Martin’s is the product of choice), but I can’t say that I’m happy or sad about that until I try a patty.  Meanwhile, I will tell you that I’m disappointed that all burgers are cooked medium.  Why can’t a guy just find a good, tasty, medium-rare burger that hasn’t been pressed to hell?

As for Brounstein himself … it looks like he’s jumped around a bit in his career.  His latest endeavors included some time at Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (that’s a real estate advisory firm) and as a pro bono consultant for the aforementioned Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

I drove by before I left town and covertly managed to snap a few pics of the space.  Unfortunately, those files are about 1,100 miles away right now, so you’ll have to wait for my initial visit or a trip of your own to see what it looks like inside.  Alex seems like a competent guy and he’s most certainly friendly … so that’s a good start!  While he doesn’t appear to have any true experience as a restaurateur, I know from our conversation that he’s been doing his research.  PR is being handled by the young Lynn Lilly and Blackout Productions (website).   If you haven’t heard of Lilly, check out a post about her on Adore Amore.  More to follow after the 8th!

UPDATE: Since this post went up, Brounstein decided to move the opening back to the 14th.  Hence, the strikethrough above.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers Restaurant Address & Information

209 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30303 // 404.522.3444 // Grindhouse website // Grindhouse menu (pdf)

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