Gobots Get Shamed And Nintendo DSi No Longer The It Portable: Introducing The Kitchen In A Box

GobotToys nintendo-dsi

With my impending move just a few short months away, my absolute obsession with the “less is more” way of thinking is yet again rearing its awesome head.  A little bit funny and whole lotta cool, I just stumbled upon news of a new kitchen product from a company out of boot-land.  If the title didn’t give it away, this kitchen product is in fact…well … an entire kitchen.  What makes it extra special funky strange interesting is that the kitchen comes in the form of a compactable box!  In the world of portables, this takes the cake over my Nintendo DSi.  Meanwhile, in the world of morphing action figures … the Gobots feel shamed.

kitchen-closed kitchen-fully-open

[targa italia via dornob via treehugger via gizmodo]

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