The William Concept Stove [Awesomeness]

Truth be told, I really just wanted to use the word awesome in consecutive post titles.  Pictured above is the William stove-top.  Before you get all hot and bothered, this is just a concept and … Read more →

Burger … Meet Windows 7: Technology And Burger King Come Together In A Most Heinous Way [Laugh Of The Day]

Well … hell may hath frozen over with this one.  This week has been very big to the technology community as Microsoft has released their highly anticipated OS, dubbed Windows 7.  Burger King decided to … Read more →

Gobots Get Shamed And Nintendo DSi No Longer The It Portable: Introducing The Kitchen In A Box

  With my impending move just a few short months away, my absolute obsession with the “less is more” way of thinking is yet again rearing its awesome head.  A little bit funny and whole … Read more →

Wylie Dufresne Loves His Balls Covered With Cookies – Liquid Nitrogen And Ice Cream Make Fun

When you strip away the fame and the talent, Wylie Dufresne is really just another boy with his toys.  Of course, it just so happens that Wylie is talented, famous, and really good with his … Read more →

Milk Chocolate In Your Computer: Hershey’s Goes Techie

Apparently, this whole economic crisis is making companies totally rethink their business models.  Now, Hershey’s (yes that Hershey’s) is developing a line of consumer electronics.  They are going to start with Hershey Chocolates yum drives … Read more →

Follow Mac World, Play Bingo, Win Free Pizza

To be honest, if you haven’t heard about this by now…chances are you don’t have a chance to win.  That said, it’s still worth a mention.  Gizmodo is giving away free pizza over the internet.  … Read more →