Burger … Meet Windows 7: Technology And Burger King Come Together In A Most Heinous Way [Laugh Of The Day]

Well … hell may hath frozen over with this one.  This week has been very big to the technology community as Microsoft has released their highly anticipated OS, dubbed Windows 7.  Burger King decided to celebrate the release with a most disgusting/awesome/shocking/amazing/revolting promotion.  Introducing (in Japan only), The Windows 7 Whopper.  Details after the jump.

windows 7 whopper

At 5-inches (but only $8.50), these round-mounds of cholesterol are really a Japenese-only thing.  Still, the gang over at Gizmodo made sure to get their hands on one.  This thing leaves me just about speechless:

Please, for the safety of you, your children, and those around you – do not subject yourself to this. 🙂  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow with some of notes from recent meals.

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