The Big Apple Hits ATL In Search Of Delicious Pizza [Rumors]


Okay gang, this is really just a teaser post to get your whistles wet.  The details are this: a well-known NYC foodie hit town this week and that has been confirmed by at least four people in one form or another.  He’s been cavorting around town with at least one of the more respected members of the ATL food community, so I’m pretty sure this will go public soon.  Rest assured, when it does, I’ll be sure to point ya’ll in the right direction (though I doubt that will be necessary).  The food in question includes, but may not be limited to, our now hot-button pizza joints.  How cool is it that NYC is coming to Atlanta for pizza?  Say what you will about this whole hub-bub, it’s pretty cool to hear about something like this.

BTW, I stole the photo above from Eat It Atlanta because his pizza days series rocked!  Go check it out.

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