Love Is Love Farm Hit By The Atlanta Flood / Update On Canoe

Yesterday’s impromptu post on the unfortunate state of Canoe in Vinings resulted in an unexpected explosion of traffic.  As such, I thought I’d take some time to update people on the status of the restaurant.  In addition, it looks like Love Is Love Farm has its own share of water damage to deal with..


I received an email from Canoe’s Special Events Manager who told me that they intend to re-open as soon as possible.  However, there is no timetable yet as the assessment and repairs are still in their infantile stages.  I also caught word from a reader that until things move farther along, they don’t seem to know if they’ll be able to open in full or in stages.  I’ll keep in touch with the folks over at Canoe and see what’s what.  As an aside (and an important one in that), they took some time in the email to communicate just how sad they are for those who lost friends and/or family members during the past few days.  A classy group no doubt.

Love Is Love Farm


The above picture comes from Savory Exposure’s via his twitpic account.  This past Saturday, Love is Love Farm hosted their Outstanding in the Field Dinner with local chef Kevin Gillespie.  My understanding is that the event did go down, but under very wet conditions.  Since then, the farm has flooded but I hear that everyone is okay.

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