Sushi Etiquette: The Right Way To Eat Sushi ~ Cartoon Style

Don't store your chopsticks by sticking them in your rice

Last week, a friendly reader sent me a link to the snippets article on sushi etiquette.  The article gives us a fun and informative way to learn about the multitude of faux pas prominent in American sushi dining.  Given that it covers everything from ordering to ojigi (bowing), it’s kind of a crash course.  While I think a lot of this is highly contingent on the environment (for example: anyone brave enough to swallow Ru San’s crap need not worry about etiquette), it’s a worthwhile scan.

My favorite points:

  • Don’t store your chopsticks in your rice. (THIS IS A BIG ONE!!!!!!)
  • Don’t mix your wasabi in your soy sauce. Add a little dab directly to the sushi if you want a little more heat.
  • It’s OK to drink your miso soup. Use the spoon or chopsticks to eat any larger pieces.

Again, some of these are more useful as others, use it as a guide, not law (unless you find yourself in Tokyo).

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