Super Chef Battle Goes Live: Iron Chef America Season 8 Premier [TV Shows]

super chef battle

I’ve been waiting months for this evening.  The Food Network should be the “it” place for all foodies.  In what is sure to be lots of fun, Iron Chef America’s season premier is tonight.  The episode, tagged as the Super Chef Battle, will feature Mario Batali & Emeril Lagasse on one side, and Bobby Flay & Cristeta Comerford on the other.  Comerford, in case you are wondering, spends her days as the executive chef for our first family.  Michelle Obama will also make an appearance.  Keep reading for all the goods!

For those of you not familiar, ICA is a cooking competition show.  It usually takes place on the custom built Kitchen Stadium set.  For an hour, you watch a challenger and a Iron Chef cavort around the kitchen preparing multi-course meals.  Each episode, the chefs are given a secret ingredient, which serves as the theme for the evening.  All the while, Alton Brown and his A-Team of reporters run around the kitchen keeping you abreast of the latest.  It’s a little campy, and a lot of fun … so if you haven’t watched the show before, tonight is your night.

It premiers at 8pm EST (January 3rd) on the aforementioned Food Network.  Tonight’s special episode is two-hours long, so make sure your DVR has enough free space.  Check your local listings for specifics and just type in your zip code.  I’ve already filtered it by ICA.

Check out these clips, and then head over to the Iron Chef America homepage for all the goods.

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