Sugar Sugar Says: “Let Them Eat Cake”

double-the-sugar-logo I’d like to think that I do a pretty good job of discovering cool things around the Atlanta food scene.  However, when I stumble upon someone who has roughly twice the following than I do, I must admit that I don’t really feel like stumbled across anything super underground. In these cases, I just feel kinda lucky.  Such is the reality with the sweet-toothian goddess known ‘round these parts as Sugar Sugar and whose true identity is Cari Barocas.


Until recently, Barocas moonlighted as baker-extraordinaire.  Now, she’s at it full time … and I must say, anyone who is willing to take same-day orders is truly dedicated to their craft.  Case in point: How many cake shops will let you pick up after 10pm???

Though you might feel that someone working out of their home is somewhat limited, Sugar Sugar has already produced everything from iPhones to Fender Stratocasters.  It’s the kind of stuff that “food porn meets imagination” is made for.

Barocas herself carries a good bit of confidence and is pretty sure she can produce stuff good enough to satiate Fat Albert.  An admitted dessert neophyte, I did muster up the guts to try a slice of her red velvet cake (with cream cheese frosting).  Though the cake may not have paired well with the Vietnamese food from dinner, that piece of treat did more than enough to drown out the memories of a mediocre meal.  (THOUGH THE COMPANY KICKED ASS)!

iphone-cakeHere’s just a sampling of what Sugar Sugar can produce:

  • Hand dipped pretzels, mini pretzels, or pretzel rods in dark, milk, and white chocolate with an assortment of sprinkles or coated candies specially picked for your occasion
  • A delicious medley of cakes and cupcakes in a multitude of scrumptious flavors including:
    • pumpkin spice with cinnamon buttercream frosting
    • red velvet with cream cheese frosting
    • Mississippi mud with chocolaty frosting
    • sweet chocolate with a peanut butter frosting
    • lemon with a lemony glaze
    • buttery white with fluffy chocolate frosting
    • carrot with cream cheese frosting
    • snickerdoodle with cinnamon buttercream frosting
    • lemon white chocolate with a white chocolate lemon zest frosting

You can get all the information you need from the Sugar Sugar website and keep up to date with all the latest over on their facebook page.

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