Vanilla Malt Whoppers Popsicle … Burger King Never Had It This Good

Most of the time, when someone mentions the word Whopper to me … I think of this:

Whopper with cheese by HAMACHI!.

Now, I’ll think of this:

whopper popsicle from the king of pops
vanilla malt popsicle from the king of pops

Creamy crunchy and just damn good … that’s the vanilla malt popsicle with whoppers (courtesy of everyone’s favorite popsicle guy).  If you want one, hit up Souper Jenny (website) in Buckhead, the Irwin Street Market (website) in Inman Park.  Also, you can hit him up at Buddy’s Service Station at North and N. Highland.  Me … I just follow him on twitter @theKingOfPops.

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