Chef Jose Andres Hits 60-Minutes

José Andrés is one of those chefs I actually go gaga for.  In fact, I’m so batshit crazy that I have a tentative plane flight scheduled for the not too distant future for one reason: To fly to Washington DC for a meal at minibar, one of JA’s kick ass restaurants.   Yup people – the food dork in me is going to get on a plane, fly to another city (cuz that’s what you do on planes), get off said vessel … make a beeline for the Penn Quarter … get my grub on … then return to the plane for the long flight home.  Yeah, I’m run-on sentence chalk full of bastardized punctuation excited.  Okay, enough about me and my pseudo obsession with JA …

Last night, a video segment about Jose Andres aired on CBS’ TV Show 60-Minutes.  The man, who lives just outside of DC, started his career working under the famed Ferran Adria at El Bulli.  Since then, the sky hasn’t even been the limit for Andres.  Awesomeness awaits … just click below:

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