Breaking News: I’ve Been Outed By @MarkPetko

My days are pretty underwhelming and more often than not, I find myself quietly minding my own business.  Such was the case last Thursday when things started off much the same.  I got up … showered … got some work done … and set off to go sit quietly and ponder my life’s work and all that has happened up until now.


FoodieBuddha caught in public

Yes, that is indeed me sitting quietly alone and drifting in and out of a contemplative state.  While I was certain that I was one with the environment, out of the blue, I found myself stalked by Mark Petko, a paparazzo with a predilection for food. 

As I absconded throughout our fine city, I found myself unable to shake my tail.  After hours of dining and dashing, I relented and extended an invite back to my Zen like palace.  Petko, being the fastidious man he is, sneakily shot me for the better part of an afternoon.

Personally, I thought I was as non-descript as the next dude wearing a sumo suit, but yet … Petko found me.  Alas Atlanta, the Foodie Buddha has been unveiled (sort of)!

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