Café Jonah and the Magical Attic: A New Concept From Souper Jenny [Openings]

cafe jonah and the magical attic

Everybody and their mother talks about Souper Jenny, that consistently popular Buckhead soup & sandwich shop.  Word around the campfire is that they are opening another joint.  Well, the tight lipped soup lady Jenny Levison is starting to let information creep out.  Located on Paces Ferry Place, I snagged this google maps image of the upcoming location.

Named after her adorable 7-year-old (the dude is mad cute), Levison plans to have a reading room, a café and a selection of gourmet coffees, breads (courtesy the monolithically awesome H+F Bakery), and some other tasty treats.  The restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch from Tuesday’s thru Sunday’s and should be open in the not too distant future.

UPDATE: more details over at the AJC

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