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The farther down this road I go, the more and more I realize how important the education process is.  As such, I’ve added a new page.  It’s called Lessons In Food.  It’s ridiculously thin right now, but I promise it will get some serious love moving forward.  I’m not entirely sure where the format will end up, but rest assured, the information on their will serve as a collective of good information to help you along this path to knowledge.

The early idea is to simply keep it as a repository of articles good articles.  Agreement with the subject matter isn’t a concern.  I am much more focused on things that are interesting, move your mind, and offer a reasonably definable sense of logic.  It’ll probably end up including that, and a whole lot more!  And of course, if you do happen to know of something good to read or watch, let me know (@FoodieBuddha is a good way!) 

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