Andrew Zimmern Just Did An IAmA On Reddit

Celebrity chef/TV personality Andrew Zimmern just wrapped up his IAmA over on Reddit.  For those of you with better things to do than yours truly, you may not know what that means.  Here’s the deal: is a heavily trafficked website mostly reserved for sharing videos, pictures, internet memes, and so forth.  The community occasionally dabbles in political movements and other things of ideological importance.  Reddit consists of sub-reddits that are like hyper-focused forums for a specific topic.  One of the coolest sub-reddits is the IAmA reddit.  It’s an opportunity for a person to say “I Am A ______, ask me questions.”

Many times these are just everyday folks interested in talking about a whole bunch of stuff.  However, notable and famous people do them from time to time.  A few politicians have braved the waters, comedian Louis CK did one recently, and now Andrew Zimmern has gotten in on the fun.

Amongst the notable responses from Zimmern, he acknowledges that the producers of his Bizarre Foods show kick up the volume on the audio track when he’s in the midst of eating something and Zimmern doesn’t seem to like that form of audio pollution.  I don’t either for the record.

He also doesn’t like walnuts (mind you – this guy would probably take down some cat balls if the situation called for it) and admits that he in fact digs Tony Bourdain and No Reservations.  Despite the duo’s playfully public zings, Zimmern said “he [Bourdain] is an amazing man and a great guy.”  You can keep in touch with Zimmern over on his twitter feed if you do that whole thing.

[via reddit / photo from Zimmern twitter]

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