Coffee Art: Hipster Batman

Coffee Art is pretty sweet.  Granted, I’m not a bean fiend.  I don’t mocha latte’s, I don’t grande espressos, and I most certainly do not look the hipster part.  Yet cool is cool and this … Read more →

Rattletrap Street Coffee Gets A Video [RoamingATL]

More than a few people have taken notice of Rattletrap Street Coffee.  The mobile outlet for Chambers, Pair & Donchey Coffee Company has a habit of showing up at a lot of the popular street … Read more →

Coffee Creations: Leonardo Da Vinci Meets Espresso

Time is short today, so my first impression post on Miller Union will have to wait until tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out this cool image. That little artistic gem comes courtesy of the Coffee … Read more →

More May Openings: Village Cafe, Emerald Coast Coffee, & Bistro In A Box All Get Dirty

April showers bring May restaurant openings?  Sure … sounds good to me.  Remember to check the May Dirty List for the most up to date information. Village Cafe In Smyrna So this one is confusing … Read more →

Free Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

So it’s only a 1.1oz sample, and it does take 6-8 weeks for delivery … BUT … it’s free and it’s Dunkin’ Donuts.  Go get some here while supplies last! Technorati Tags: free stuff,dunkin donuts,coffee,free … Read more →

Noon Midtown – Midtown Atlanta, GA: New Gourmet Sandwich Shop To Open Next Month

So in what has become a daily routine, I poked around the web a few days ago only to come across the website for Noon Midtown.  The menu will include Counter Culture coffee, pastries, breakfast … Read more →

Octane Rocks The Southeast Regional Barista Competition

So for those of you that did not visit the SRBC (internal) this past weekend, here is all you need to know: Octane! I don’t drink coffee on anything close to a regular basis (maybe … Read more →

Southeast Regional Barista Competition This Weekend At King Plow / Stop In At Octane Coffee

Though you wouldn’t know it from their website, the Southeast Regional Barista Competition (SRBC) is this weekend.  Amongst all the blurb about this – one factor reigns supreme: IT’S FREE! So for all of you … Read more →