David Chang Of Momofuku Talks With Creative Loafing

Mention the name David Chang to any food craved fan boy (cough … me), and you’ll probably hear a one word response: Love!  The dude just kills it.  His Momofuku restaurant empire is one of … Read more →

Via Elisa To Close Oct 17th: News That Majorly Sucks Total Suckiness [Breaking News]

Now this is a dagger to my culinary heart.  As reported by the venerable Cliff Bostock via his twitter and on Omnivore,  Elisa Gambino is shutting down Via Elisa, her Westside pasta shop, in a … Read more →

Cliff Does His Business At D.B.A. Barbecue

A couple of weeks ago, I hit up DBA Barbecue and then waxed poetic.  Today, Cliff Bostock did his civic duty over on Omnivore, his blog at Creative Loafing.  Checkout what Cliff had to say.  … Read more →

The Nook Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

For the longest time, my previous rants on The Nook occupied the top spots on my popular posts list.  As that list is based on the number of page views (aka – number of times … Read more →

Richard Blais Making A Splash As Atlanta’s Newest Food Blogger

Richard Blais continues his metamorphosis from kitchen slinger to celebrity chef.  By now, we all know about the long waits at FLIP, his time on Top Chef, and his propensity for multi-tasking. While he has … Read more →

Café Lapin In Peachtree Hills Added To The March 2009 Dirty List

Though they actually opened this past February, I took the liberty of adding Café Lapin to the March Dirty List due to this post over on the Omnivore.  The “French country menu” looks simple and … Read more →

Rodell Visits Flip Burger Boutique

Atlanta’s most notable restaurant launch in the last few years has hit the Omnivore blog.  I dropped in for a short note, but wanted to elaborate further here. It is clear that the menu will … Read more →