Rodell Visits Flip Burger Boutique

Atlanta’s most notable restaurant launch in the last few years has hit the Omnivore blog.  I dropped in for a short note, but wanted to elaborate further here.

It is clear that the menu will continue to change.  What is not clear is if this is a true maturation process or nothing more than a rotation.  By the later, I mean that it is possible that they have a stable of burgers that they will rotate through depending on a number of factors.

The buzz over this place keeps it hopping.  Reports of hour plus waits abound, but Jimmy of Eat It, Atlanta did not seem to mind.    I still drop in once every couple of weeks.  I have not sat at a table in quite some time as I prefer the bar.

One thing is for sure: this place will invoke an opinion.  Burgers are all the rage right now, and Flip is at the forefront here in the city.  Hopefully they will fix their problems in time to harvest the crowd before the adoration fades and people start getting annoyed.  More competition for Sir Blais is on the way.  We’ll see how they fight off the rush.

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