Eli Kirshtein Rumored To Be Taking Over Repast Space [Breaking News]

Eli Kirshtein, one of Atlanta’s handful of Top Chef alums, appears to be on the verge of making a big splash.  Word around the campfire (translation: not finalized) is that Kirshtein is set to take … Read more →

David Chang Of Momofuku Talks With Creative Loafing

Mention the name David Chang to any food craved fan boy (cough … me), and you’ll probably hear a one word response: Love!  The dude just kills it.  His Momofuku restaurant empire is one of … Read more →

Rodell Visits Flip Burger Boutique

Atlanta’s most notable restaurant launch in the last few years has hit the Omnivore blog.  I dropped in for a short note, but wanted to elaborate further here. It is clear that the menu will … Read more →