Required Eating: La Pietra Cucina Next Week

Okay, so here I am … all cool and down with the latest and greatest news around Atlanta.  So sure, I should be working right now…and sure … everyone knows about the James Beard Awards; but, surely … nobody would have a bead on my cool tip for the week.  Well damn Cliff Bostock and his love of La Pietra Cucina!!!  He hath stolen my thunder with nothing more than a few key strokes.  Why am I pontificating?

Next week at La Pietra Cucina, chef Bruce Logue is bringing back bollito misto! [That link is to the recipe as listed on the Babbo website – where Bruce cut his teeth!].  So enough with the squabbling, and please … GO!!!!  And with reluctant obligation … here is Cliff’s story!

Address: 1545 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA 30309 // P: 404.888.8709

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