Herve This Launches His Molecular Gastronomy Website

Hervé This is the man who took science and applied it to food.  The easiest way to explain him to the local folk is like this: No Hervé This means no Richard Blais.  As the father of molecular gastronomy (and thus molecular cooking), This is an important figure in the culinary world.  I really love what he does, so I have posted about him a handful of times.

Though I am not sure I would call him a chef, I have tried a number of his recipes over the years.  Every once in a blue moon, I manage to pull it off.  Most of the time, I blow it up … but hey, it’s fun to try.

Today, during my daily internet poking, I found out that This has launched his own website.  It’s a little bland on the eyes and a bit difficult to glean information from; but, it’s definitely worth a look at.  The real reason it’s hard to follow is due to the limitations of internet translation tools.  If you can deal with the idiosyncratic English, it will be well worth your time.  I suppose if you speak French, the original version (Travaux de Hervé This) would be very useful.

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