The Great Food Truck Race In Atlanta For Memorial Day: Updated [RoamingATL]

UPDATED: 5.28 @ 10:30a

Remember last year when we mentioned the Food Network’s new show called The Great Food Truck Race?  Well, earlier this month, TFN confirmed what we already knew … the lineup of food trucks for season 2.  Hosted by Tyler Florence, filming is already in full swing and as it turns out, we’re hosting one of the stops here in Capital of the South.  That’s right folks, The Great Food Truck Race is filming in Atlanta during Memorial Day Weekend before the show debuts August 14th.

This season’s lineup consists of Café Con Leche from LA, Devilicious from A Whale’s Vagina, Hodge Podge from Cleveland, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese from Boston, Seabirds from Costa Messa, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos from LA, The Lime Truck from Irvine, and Korilla BBQ from NYC.  Though I’m sad to report that several teams have already been eliminated by now, there is still no short of opportunities to check out this food this weekend.

If you want to follow all the action, be sure to give us a follow via twitter on @RoamingATL, and we’ll keep you up to date on where everyone is.  Also, we’ll be updating this post as more info rolls in.  In the mean time, for some of the specifics … AND SOME SPOILERS … check out the rest of the post after the jump!


So the remaining trucks are starting to roll into town and here’s what I know! (BIG UPS TO TIM GADDIS FOR HELPING ME KEEP EVERYTHING STRAIGHT)!

The competition starts Saturday at Atlantic Station and then the trucks will each roll out to their designated spots.  Each will start serving food AT NOON.

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese: (@RoxysGrilledChz & @MeOnCheese/Roaming Hunger Profile)  Perhaps the coolest little ditty, according to Star Provisions cheese monger Tim Gaddis (@Timthecheeseman), is that he will be providing all of the product for Roxy’s while they jet around the ATL.  They’re hitting Piedmont Park at the corner of 10th and Taft from 12:30 to 9:00p Saturday and Star Bar in Little 5 afterwards.  However, if you want to catch them early, float over to Star Provisions from 11:30a until 12:30 when they’ll be loading up on product.

On Sunday, the truck will be stationed in  and Virginia-Highland.  As a little extra, ATL’s most awesome (and fast expanding) King of Pops will be there then.  You can track them at all times via foursquare, which should be useful because they are supposed to visit the Decatur Arts Festival (@DecArtsFest) at some point on Saturday.

Hodge Podge: (@HodgePodgeTruck/Roaming Hunger Profile) is also in town and will be at Atlantic Station on Saturday from noon until 9pm.  Sunday, they’ll be joining Roxy’s in ViHi at 841 N. Highland Ave. from noon until 9pm.  On Friday, they were spotted with host Tyler mucking around Centennial Park as well!

The Lime Truck: (@TheLimeTruck/Roaming Hunger Profile) will also be here.  And yes, they too are purveying some great local product.  Time will tell what kind of food they are putting out, but we do know they will be using Phickles Pickles (@PhicklesPickles/Website) out of Athens.  Woot!!! On Saturday, you’ll be able to find them at Colony Square (the corner of 14th and P’tree) for lunch.  On Sunday, they’ll be swinging around front of the AMC Theater at Atlantic Station.

Okay y’all, that’s all for now … keep on coming back for updates!

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