Update On Lamplighter Cafe…err…. Shame Burger

A few days ago, word spread regarding the fate of Lamplighter Cafe.  Many people, myself included (internal), reported that the restaurant closed due to a robbery on Christmas. Well, it turns out we may have been misinformed. Despite a sign posted at Lamplighter, Tom Maicon provided us with another explanation over at Atlanta Cuisine.  Maicon tends to get his stuff right.  According to him:

To clear up some confusion, Lamplighter didn’t close because of the Christmas Day robbery, Lamplighter actually closed the Saturday before Christmas to transform the restaurant into SHAME Burger.

Due to the incident, SHAME Burger’s opening date has been pushed back a week to 1/12.

With the rising popularity of burgers, and thus … burger joints, I’m not holding my breath for this one.  Chef Cappello is going to have a hard time if he plans on topping every burger offered with scrapple (wiki).  If not, he’s going to have an even harder time finding a place between the awesomeness of Ann’s Snack Bar (internal) and the creative juices over at Flip (internal).

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