RSS Temporarily Funkalicious

Just a quick note:  I rely on FeedBurner for content syndication.  Recently, they started pushing people over to Google for a variety of reasons.  Though it is voluntary at this time, eventually, it will be required.  I went ahead and transferred my account.  Low and behold – something on their end is “funkalicious.”  Consequently, some of you may be having trouble with the syndication portion of the site.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.  I’ll let you know when it is fixed; in the meantime, you can still try to get the syndication feeds to work.  Reports from readers are that it is hit or miss at this time.  When I have the time, I’ll start hosting the feeds internally, but that’s down the road a bit.

UPDATE: TechCrunch is now just as upset as I am.  TechCrunch is a major source of info for techies – so this is bad.  I just wanted to let people know what’s up!  All the more reason to host syndication internally.

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