Serenbe Farms In Palmetto, GA Makes A Splash

Farm-to-table and sustainable food are all the buzz the days.  While Blue Hill Farm in New York may get the most press (at least as far as Farm-Restaurants go), Serenbe Farms down in Palmetto continues to get some real serious attention.  The NYTimes ran a great article on the “utopia” that is Serenbe Farms!

I can’t wait to get down there to check out The Farmhouse, the onsite restaurant! Tony Seichrist (who left to go to Holeman & Finch) got his start at Farmhouse and the restaurant is helmed by Nick Melvin.  That may ring a bell for a few readers as Melvin used to work at Murphy’s, Room, & Tap here in the ATL.

The Farmhouse at Serenbe Restaurant Information:
A: 9222 Selborne Lane, Palmetto, GA 30268 // P: 770.463.9997 // The Farmhouse Website // The Farmhouse Menu

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