Latressa Goodman And Her McNuggets: The 911 Fast Food Emergency

I’m pissed that I had a lot of work to do the past couple of days.  I wanted to write this post as soon as this story hit the Smoking Gun; unfortunately, I did not have the time.  If you care for the full details, click that link.  As an alternative, here is a quick rundown of this moron:

So Latreasa Goodman a 27-year-old nuclear physicist (joking of course), went to go grab some Chicken McNuggets from her area McDonald’s.  Unfortunately, they were plum out.  Some stupid argument ensued about over change and blah blah blah.  The long of the short is that Madam Goodman called 911 THREE TIMES!!!!!  You can listen to the calls here, here, and here (all mp3s).

I might actually say that Ms. Goodman wasn’t even the dumbest person involved in the incident.  That award goes to the first 911 operator for not hanging up on Goodman post haste.  This being the second such incident in the past month, this should not surprise anyone.

As a little tribute to 911 calls and angry people who can’t get what they want at a fast food joint I give you the following: Homer Simpson’s 911 request and the following video [NOTICE THE WORDS UNCUT – AKA NSFW]

Alright, sleepy time people!

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