Foodista Gets Cash, Organizes The International Food Blogger Conference, & Still Fails To Impress

foodista-logo Foodista is back in the news again.  Last time I checked in, I wasn’t optimistic about the idea of a recipe wiki.  However, a lot has happened in the past few months – but nothing that changes my mind.

To start, a group of investors from Seattle and Amazon have decided to throw away invest over half a mil in the site.  That’s not as much cash as it sounds like; but, it’s still more than I’d like to see handed over to a company with no apparent ongoing revenue stream on the horizon.

Back to that Seattle connection … apparently Foodista has decided to organize a conference in Seattle.  Targeted at yours truly, and the like, the International Food Blogger Conference is scheduled to hit the ground running in mid-May.  Okay, so there are some impressive sponsors and some great topics; but, I already have plans.  Thus, no visits to see my sister. Seriously though – 500k in investment!!!! What’s up with that people?

Nonetheless, the site is worth checking out … so head on over to and see what you think for yourself.

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