ChowDownAtlanta Gets It So Right

It started with a stare … tepid at first.  Gradually, a brow furrowed, the lips quivered, and the eyes turned on me … I had sinned.  Mortally sinned for that matter.  Her hand shot across the table and into the left over tin foil cone, the former home of my gyro.  Seconds later her hand emerged.  Like King Arthur and his sword or Link and his Triforce, the woman held her prize up for all to see.  The meat glistened momentarily only to be summarily swallowed.  We all have our purposes in this world … in the case of this delectable morsel … it was to inspire.

Hit up that link to see what Madame Chow had to say about my beloved Café Agora.

Café Agora Restaurant Address & Information:
262 E. Paces Ferry NE Atlanta, GA, 30305 // P: 404.949.0900 // Cafe Agora Website // Cafe Agora Menu

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